Melanie Macilwain Hot Air Balloon

Melanie Macilwain Hot Air Balloon

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Cotton Sateen.  

Melanie Macilwain's bright and bold abstract works exude joy through their exploration of movement and the combination of colours and textures. She loves the challenge of making relationships work within a piece, often reworking layers and viscosity to bring rhythm and harmony to the colours used.

This pure cotton sateen has a flowing drape. It is easy-to-sew and the ideal textile for various garments such as skirts, dresses, shirts and sleepwear. 

100% cotton. 

Useable width of 147cms.


Made in South Korea. 

Washing instructions

Always make sure to wash hand wash or cold delicate machine wash. Line dry in the shade and do not tumble dry.

Price is per 50cm. 

1 unit = 1/2m

2 units = 1m

3 units = 1.5m

4 units = 2m