Yarn Dyed Gingham Marine

Yarn Dyed Gingham Marine

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Why the emphasis on ‘yarn dyed’?

Gingham is an incredibly popular fabric choice, and it’s easy to see why! There is a difference between printed gingham and yarn dyed gingham though.

Yarn dyed gingham means the yarns have been dyed into specific colours before being woven into a design. This means the design is literally part of the fabric. You can tell the visually see the difference as yarn dyed gingham fibres are more pronounced that printed gingham

Traditional gingham is made with white and another colour to create the famous check design. Gingham is marked by having the coloured yarns (warp) woven against the uncoloured yarns (weft), to create a lightweight texture on both faces; making this fabric reversible!

Fun fact: In France, this fabric is known as ‘Vichy’.

100% yarn dyed cotton.

Check out our blog post on ‘Adding a Ruffle’ to see it in action.


Price is per 50cm. 

1 unit = 1/2 metre

2 units = 1 metre

3 units = 1.5 metres

4 units = 2 metres